The Retractable Lead

So, I’ll put this out there straight away, I am not a fan of the retractable lead!


How long do you want my list to be????

  1. They are bulky to hold, not easy to handle a great big chunky handle and to open a poo bag, poo pick, tie up the bag, oooh and keep one eye on your buddy!
  • The wire, tape, string, whatever lovely material the lead is made from BURNS!!!! And is PAINFUL!!!!  You only need to do it or see it happen once to realise how painful a burn from a retractable lead is. And, with the best will in the world, accidents do happen, people, dogs, children, push bikes can all so easily get tangled.

They are my main reasons but I am going to moan further and let you know some of my other retractable lead issues.

The other day I observed this:

A lady walking a young (probably about 16 week old) Vizsla puppy, on a main road.

The lady was on her phone.

Vizsla puppy was on a retractable lead, lady happily nattering away on phone along the main road.

Young Viz decided to wander into the busy, main road.

Lady was unable to hold phone and pull the poor viz back on to the pavement. OOOHHHH the lead doesn’t just pull the dog back magically.

Luckily, there was no car passing at that moment, but this could have been a very, very different story.

Another story:

Dog on retractable, man walking dog.

Dog at end of retractable lead, decides, again, to walk off the pavement.

If your buddy is on one of these horrid inventions, please, please workout the distances!!!

If you are the middle of a circle your buddy can travel the whole circumference of the circle with the lead as the radius!!!! 

Circumference, radius, diameter = probably not enough space on a pavement!!!


Push bike, promenade, dog on retractable lead.

The wire of this lead, in particular, was pretty much invisible.

Cyclist somehow manages to stop before getting tangled in the lead. The owner was on one side of the path, the dog on the other.

Three very small examples of retractable lead trauma I witnessed, all in the space of a few days (prompting me to write this!).

Yet another little moan, is that retractable leads, really do not help loose lead walking skills. If our buddies have no concept of how far away from us we would like them to walk, how will they ever master LLW?

Ooh, today I’ll pull and I’ll get to go a bit further, hmm why won’t this lead let me go further????

Something to ponder.


In the defence of the retractable lead…

If your buddy has NO RECALL, use one!!!!!

Off lead dogs with no recall skills can cause far more damage than a retractable lead.

Use that retractable, then get in touch with me for Recall and LLW training!!! J

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