Proud Mummy

I have to say what a proud Mummy I’ve been while we’ve been away. 

Not just my human off-spring who, it has to be said, never fail to amaze me with their humour and “chilling” skills…

…But my Bella!

She was a bloomin’ brilliant buddy!

We encountered a range of unusual environments and visual ‘things’. But, she didn’t ‘bat an eyelid’, unlike some of the other dogs we saw.

(At this point I will say, Grouchy might tell a different tale as apparently Bella’s new favourite game is “Hunt the Rabbit!”. Not a game she usually rehearses back at BB HQ.)

The moral of my little story here is that in order to create a well-rounded dog, you can take pretty much anywhere, you need to socialise and habituate them to every environment they are likely to encounter in their lives.

Obviously, this is tricky (and has been even more so recently) but if we can fill our Buddies with positive experiences at a young age, they will have far more resilience when they encounter new ‘things’ throughout their lives. 

Horses, wheelchairs, cows, people in masks and hats, umbrellas, may not be present in our buddies’ everyday lives but when they do encounter them we don’t want them to be scared or unsure of how to react. 

Bella, from a very young age, went everywhere with us, garden centres, cafes, horse riding lessons…

She heard everyday sounds, and more unusual ones, loud sounds and quiet sounds…

I do believe we get out of our Buddies what we put in, socialisation, training and cuddles all build a strong relationship to be enjoyed by everyone!

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