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Yellow Leads – Raising Awareness

Have you ever spotted a dog on a yellow lead?

They are quite often retractable ones.

Have you seen the yellow lead dogs owner begin to look anxious as you approach?

This is because the yellow lead can, but doesn’t always, represent that the dog is anxious, fearful, or reactive. 

Now, the owner will know this information if their dog is anxious, fearful, reactive or just nervous and they are using the yellow lead to warn everyone. 

But, you, as passer-by/walker of a non-reactive dog may not. 

However, the yellow lead dog owner will expect you to know!!!!

My advice is to give any yellow leads or harnesses, tabards or dog coats, a wide berth. Some owners, themselves will wear high visibility jackets and may even have writing on them (the problem is that you can’t read the writing until you are up close!). Proceed with caution!

The confusion arises when, if like me, you give a yellow lead dog a wide berth and the owner looks at you strangely. 

Ahhhhh! I then think to myself, this owner doesn’t know about the yellow lead warning. 

Some owners either, have the yellow lead because it was the longest one available, or, because it shows up in the dark.

Just putting the info out there to raise awareness.
For me, yellow lead (or coat or harness) = proceed with caution.

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