Proud Mummy

I have to say what a proud Mummy I’ve been while we’ve been away.  Not just my human off-spring who, it has to be said, never fail to amaze me with their humour and “chilling” skills… …But my Bella! She was a bloomin’ brilliant buddy! We encountered a range of unusual environments and visual ‘things’. […]

Yellow Leads – Raising Awareness

Have you ever spotted a dog on a yellow lead? They are quite often retractable ones. Have you seen the yellow lead dogs owner begin to look anxious as you approach? This is because the yellow lead can, but doesn’t always, represent that the dog is anxious, fearful, or reactive.  Now, the owner will know […]

The Retractable Lead

So, I’ll put this out there straight away, I am not a fan of the retractable lead! Why? How long do you want my list to be???? They are bulky to hold, not easy to handle a great big chunky handle and to open a poo bag, poo pick, tie up the bag, oooh and […]

Beware the Wagging Tail!

Ah, Wow! A friendly dog… no?…. oh….. Look, the doggy is happy she’s wagging her tail! So many times we hear these phrases. Only the other day we were on one of our walks and a Grandma and young boy (probably aged about 3) were approaching us.  We were at the end of our walk […]